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Our Quality Requirements

My cat tree collections combine tradition and innovation.

stylecats® products follow new luxury trends to omit everything superfluous in order to preserve their pure form. This is a totally new approach in the field of cat accessories.

The stylecats® cat trees fit easily into modern and contemporary interiors. Though somewhat reflecting contemporary trends, I would not go so far as to call my designs trendy. The design of my cat furniture follows this direction: they're compact and of a subtle form.

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

stylecats® products should be a long-lasting pleasure.

Features of the stylecats® collections

Das Besondere der stylecats®-Kollektionen ist die filigrane Leichtigkeit mit handwerklich anspruchsvollen Produktdetails und der Option, verschiedene Bauteile nach individuellem Verschleiß auszuwechseln zu können.

Cats' needs must always be taken care of. We consistently reflect upon the benefits of our product for your pet and these are paramount in the planning of our cat trees.
In addition, stylecats® products should be a long-term pleasure, thus answering the present-day obsolescence.

This is a real challenge that demanded several years of development time and holds up to this day. It brings me a lot of joy and I am evolving alongside my cat tree collection as well as my customers' needs and their feedback.

The production process is time-consuming and also requires profound knowledge of the materials as well as accurate craftsmanship and absolute attention to detail. This means that all stylecats® cat trees are hand-crafted at the workbench using innovative manufacturing techniques. All components are certified and required to exhibit a high standard in quality.

Cat furniture by stylecats® is constantly being put to the test.

Cat furniture by stylecats® is comprehensively tested as part of the product check. This involves mechanical tests, risk assessments and strenuous usage in order to avoid problems with the product altogether. One of the facilities where we do this is the animal shelter in Hanover.

My requirement is to make the stylecats® production traceable and transparent at every step. A 100% fully integrated added-value chain in the Hanover area allows us to have enormous flexibility and innovative power.

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

Intensively tested and approved: The pedigree cat is evidently comfortable on its new cat tree.

Open questions? Special wishes? Your desires as a customer matter to me.

I maintain a close relationship with my business partners. Thus open questions can be answered quickly, and special wishes can be accommodated in a short time. Additionally, all supply parts come from Germany.

However, I not only aim for a smooth transaction. What matters to me most are the customers' needs and them feeling well advised and ultimately happy when holding a new product by stylecats® in their hand.

Nur eines bleibt mit Sicherheit konstant:
Only one thing surely remains constant: What is rare and extraordinary will always be desirable. This is what I stand for.

Welcome to stylecats®.

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