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The Production

The production of the stylecats® cat trees is complex and requires a high level of expertise during creation. Using the cat tree HOME as an example, we present an excerpt of single manufacturing steps.

Crafting The Post

The post of this cat tree consists of a single large piece, making it fast and easy to set up. Crafting method of the post: Plates are glued on top of each other, then the exact template is cut, whereby in the lower part of the trunk a fold is milled, creating a more stable border between trunk and bottom plate of the cat tree. The grooves for the floors are milled exactly in tenths of a millimetre in a fixed order so that the coating of the post is not damaged.

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

The production of the stylecats® cat trees requires a high level of expertise during the production process.

Production Of Floors and Floor Plates

After the birch plywood has been trimmed, milled / rounded at the edges and the edges have been chamfered, the recesses for the sisal insert (bottom plate) and for the microfibre composite (ground) are milled almost 1 cm deep. This milling operation takes approximately 10 minutes per plate. The holes are then inserted so that the textile inserts can be exchanged simply and quickly by means of screws. Thus, the cat tree HOME can be used in the long term and it is not necessary to dispose of entire floors / floor slabs

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

A large base plate ensures stability even without wall mountings

Perfectly Fitting Platforms

Moreover, the spare parts are relatively favourable. The platforms of the cat tree are simply pushed into the grooves of the ones provided in the post - the special feature is that the platforms can be pushed in and fixed either sideways or at the front / rear.

This flexibility allows for changes in the floor arrangement of the cat tree. In order to achieve this precision, not only is it necessary to mill recesses into the bottom, but precise milling within a tenth of a millimeter must be performed on the back.

Subsequently, the platforms are screwed to the post so that they remain stable in the long term - with normal shelf constructions, the insertion of the platforms into the grooves would suffice. On the bottom of the base plate, a steel plate is installed between floor plate and post connection, in order to increase stability.

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

The cat tree can easily be redesigned -
thanks to exchangeable parts

Creation Of Platform Insertions

The microfibre-insertion can be easily exchanged and ordered separately. The sandwich-like set-up is fixed to a slim panel and inserted into the platform. Thanks to this extraordinary solution, you will be able to exchange single insertions at any time.
With a special punching tool, the microfibre sandwich set-up is stamped out within a tenth of a millimetre

The grooves for the screw sockets are first milled into the thin wooden panel. Thus no dents will be left in the microfibre. After that, the screw sockets are inserted into the plate and both components (rear side of the microfibre sandwich set-up and wood fibre plate) are spread with a strong adhesive. The adhesive used is completely non-toxic, though this makes it necessary to leave the components to rest for 24 hours. Afterwards, both parts are being glued together with the help of a template.

The Glue

The glue used is a powerful contact adhesive and doesn't contain any toxic ingredients. As a result of this, the sisal sleeves and surfaces must rest for 24 hours after being spread. Only after this period of time, the components can be fixed.

You only have one try - as the glue instantly fixes. That's why I use a template when connecting both components. The HOME post being angular, a rubber mallet has to be used in order to drive the sisal around the corners.

Sisal Sleeve

The sisal is glued to a sleeve of 2 mm. Beforehand, the sisal is punched accurately to a tenth of a millimetre using a special stencil tool. Afterwards, all outer sisal edges are piped in order to prevent these delicate parts from fraying.

Wall Mounting

Thanks to its wall mounting, cat tree HOME has very high stability. The mounting screw itself is hidden by an elegantly polished aluminium sleeve.

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