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Cat Trees - Cat Tree EMPIRE

An exclusive and elaborately designed cat tower that enhances your living environment with a state-of-the-art design, offering your cat a wonderful view from several levels. Two large sisal inserts, inspiring and encouraging your cat's innate scratching and clawing urge. The surface consists of a high-quality HPL coating, which is highly durable. Alternatively, the surface can also be selected with a lacquer finish.

The exclusive cat tree EMPIRE enrichens your living environment with its outstanding design.

The concept of the cat tree EMPIRE is among the highest in quality in the stylecats® Cat Tree Collection. Visually, it merges ordinary furniture and cat furniture, though this tower is exclusively dedicated to the cat. It is an absolutely unique piece of furniture that simply radiates attractiveness in various areas. Ideal placement options include: In corners, in front of walls, in front of terraces or in the room.

The overall weight of the Empire cat tree provides sufficient stability and steadiness. Due to the generously dimensioned windows and its many floors, EMPIRE offers a lot of hiding and playing possibilities.

stylecats presents high-quality cat trees and other wonderful pieces of cat furniture, the design of which not only looks excellent, but is ideal for your home.

An exclusive and elaborate cat tree, enrichening your living space with its magnificent design.

Clear view or secluded resting places thanks to various levels.

Various platforms offer your cat either a clear view or secluded resting places. Thanks to these different levels, your feline will enjoy thrilling experiences in playing and hiding. On the other hand, the sides of this cat tree are all designed very differently and, depending on preference, living environment and space, it allows for various positioning options.

For a completely undisturbed nap, your cat can retreat to the lowest compartment, which is completely sealed to the outside, only accessible via a hole in the overlying floor. The first panel not being glued, it can easily be unfolded for cleaning or in case you should want to retrieve your cat.

No complicated assembly; the cat tree is ready for immediate use.

The sophisticated cat tree can be used straight out of the box. Its edges are mitred, thus producing an overall elegant impression as the front edges remain invisible. The highest degree of stability is obtained due to the use of a 45° mitre joint.

In everyday use, the cat tree makes a robust and long-lasting companion for cat and owner. Its anti-slip feet slightly raise the EMPIRE off the floor; slipping and scratching of the floor is prevented.

Floor inlays and sisal inlays are easily exchangable.

By means of screws or push buttons, the sisal surfaces and floor layers can easily be replaced. This makes the EMPIRE special. These features make it look good permanently. They are also visually subtle and invisible at first glance, as they were considered during the initial design process.

The inner floor inlays are very comfortable and offer your cat a fluffy cushion. Its components are made from renewable corn fibres.

stylecats presents high-quality cat trees and other wonderful pieces of cat furniture, the design of which not only looks excellent, but is ideal for your home.

The pads are fluffy and offer optimum cushioning, even for demanding cats.

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