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Cat Tree DOME

A real cat hightower and eyecatcher for cats and their friends. The tower is 1.60 cm high and has a square base measuring 41x41 cm. It has many distinguishing marks and is multifunctional. From high up, kitty enjoys a spectacular view. She can scratch, climb and frolic around almost anywhere on this astounding piece of cat furniture.

At the same time DOME is somewhat mysterious. Your feline friend can hide in many places, climb to her favourite retreat, simply lounge on the top, do some grooming or sleep in the basement. There are 4 openings within the tower, connecting the different floors, which in total makes 5 sleeping surfaces. Also perfect for multiple cats.

stylecats presents high-quality cat trees and other wonderful pieces of cat furniture, the design of which not only looks excellent, but is ideal for your home.

The light-grey cat tree DOME harmonises well with bright and modern interiors.

Thanks to a height of 1.60 cm cats enjoy a spectacular view.

The concept of this cat tree is very straightforward, making it easy to integrate into all modern interiors. The comparatively small base allows it to be placed in various positions in your room. The best place is at the centre of a room, in order to offer your feline friend an excellent view. This also assures it will be used frequently for scratching.

Only high-quality materials are used.

Only high-quality materials are used in crafting the cat tree DOME. The robust substructure is made of solid pine wood (18 mm). DOME weighs 48 kg and is thus very steadfast and can't tip over. The sisal being used is decorative and durable, completing the overall impression of durability and elegance. Wide, square openings (inward:18x14 cm; outward: 20x20 cm) offer your kitty a lot of fun. Top and lowest floors feature completely closed floors, enabling your cat to have an undisturbed and comfortable rest on them.

Webdesign by elf42

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