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Cat tree, scratching post COOSI: Variants

Overview of the 4 variants of scratching post COOSI:

Scratching Post COOSI, Small - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

height: 107 cm

Scratching Post COOSI, Medium - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

height: 142 cm

Scratching Post COOSI, Large - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

height: 180 cm

Scratching Post COOSI, X-Large - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

height: 213 cm

Scratching post COOSI is available with or without reclining platform.

This scratching post can be placed almost anywhere within your living area. Also especially suitable as a climbing aid to higher levels, i.e. over door frames.

A reclining platform may not be necessary if the scratching post is solely used as a climbing aid.

Scratching Post COOSI, without reclining platform - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

Scratching Post COOSI
without reclining platform.

Scratching post COOSI with reclining platform - Ansehen im Cat Tree-Online-Shop

Scratching post COOSI
without reclining platform.

Scratching post COOSI without reclining platform.

Scratching post COOSI offers your feline friend lots of joy. Here she can scratch, romp around, climb or jump however she wishes. Assembly is performed in just 2 steps: Fix stem to base plate, and add stem parts. The big and heavy base plate assures stability.

Only high-quality materials are used: 100% natural sisal, solid wood for a post, multiplex birch wood as base plate. A barely noticable state-of-the-art scratching post, easy to integrate into your home decor.

The intricate sisal is not only aesthetically pleasing, but offers a high degree auf variation for play due to its delicate structure. Its maximum height is 2,13 m.

Scratching post COOSI without reclining platform

Scratching post COOSI with reclining platform

Our scratching post COOSI is perfectly suitable for cats needing a high degree of variation in play and climbing. Here, she can romp around however she likes. Finally having arrived on the top, kitty can enjoy the view and rest undisturbedly.

COOSI can be assembled quickly: Fix first stem part to base plate, add further parts based on preference, place reclining platform on top - done! The base plate consists of high-quality mulitplex birch wood and assures the necessary stability. Maximum height will be 183 cm.

Scratching post COOSI can be positioned nearly anywhere due to its small size. A modern cat tree that is unobtrusive and easily fits into your living environment.

Scratching post COOSI with a reclining platform
stylecats presents high-quality cat trees and other wonderful pieces of cat furniture, the design of which not only looks excellent, but is ideal for your home.

A perfect observation platform -
that kitty even enjoys sharing with a companion.

All parts of the scratching post COOSI, e.g. cushions and stem parts, can be purchased individually and are replaceable.
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