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Cat Bed FILU

Cats will queue up for a chance to lie in the felted cat bed FILU - "the early cat gets the bed".

But FILU still offers enough space for two. Cats love the smell of pure wool, and, furthermore, it is soft and cuddly. The little nest FILU offers first-class comfort and is also suited for larger cats. The felt thickness of these cat beds amounts to approx. 8 - 10 mm.

They are stable in form, robust and easy to clean.

Each FILU ist unique. Colours and forms of the images shown may differ slightly. 100% Made in Germany.

The stylecats designer cat tree - guarantees that you and your cat will enjoy a high-quality cat tree, scratching board or other cat accessories for a long time.

Cuddling pleasure for fans of big cats, too - cat bed FILU

The material properties of the decorative cat bed FILU are convincing.

The cat bed FILU is not only visually convincing, but also shines due to the excellent properties of its material wool. It absorbs air and becomes an insulating body heat accumulator. In winter it has a warming effect, in summer it has a cooling effect. It is also a material which breathes. Wool can take up approx. 30% of its weight in moisture in the form of steam and you won't even feel it. Best chances of becoming the preferred cat lounge! This moisture will subsequently be released quickly. Liquids roll off the surface.

Aside from that, wool is antistatic and therefore hardly attracts dust. Dirt particles and cat hair can be sucked away or removed using a lint remover. Since wool cleans itself very well, it is usually sufficient to air it outside. If, however, a bath should be necessary, you can wash the nest at 30 degrees in the wool washing cycle (do not tumble). Roll the cat bed into towels and squeeze to get out the moisture. Subsequently, get it into shape, lay it onto towels and dry it in the open air..

Webdesign by elf42

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